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The Top 20 Fastest Rolls-Royces for Top Speed.

SpeedometerWhat are the fastest Rolls-Royces for Top Speed? AutoSnout brings you a list of the top 20 fastest Rolls-Royces for Top Speed ever, ordered by the fastest. Choose a Rolls-Royce to view a more detailed list of specifications including Top Speed, BHP, Torque, Weight, images and more. This a growing Top Speed list of the most significant modern and classic Rolls-Royce models.

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Tesla Model 3 Mid Range

Tesla Model 3 Mid Range
Engine: - Electric | 0cc 0v -0
Top Speed: 140 mph
0-60mph: 5.20 seconds

Hummer H1 6.2 V8 4 Door

Hummer H1 6.2 V8 4 Door
Engine: Naturally Aspirated Diesel | 6217cc 16v V8
Top Speed: 109.4 kph
0-100kph: 22.5 seconds

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