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The Top 10 Most Powerful Production Cars in the World.

SpeedometerCar figures for the top 10 most powerful production cars in the world ever. We've translated the term, 'Most Powerful Car' into 2 categories; Torque and Horsepower. These are the quickest and most powerful production cars ever, including the beasty Bugatti Veyron and several similarly exotic marques. Watch out in 2012 for some even greater BHP and lb/ft specifications.

Most Powerful Cars | Horsepower (BHP) | Car Figures & Specs

Power - 1350bhp @ 6800rpm

Most Powerful Cars | Torque (lb/ft) | Car Figures & Specs

Torque - 4671lb-ft @ 1rpm
Torque - 1193lb-ft @ 5000rpm
Torque - 1180lb-ft @ 2000rpm
Torque - 1180lb-ft @ 2000rpm

Car Figures:

TVR Cerbera Speed 12

TVR Cerbera Speed 12
Top Speed: 240mph
0-60mph: 2.8 s

Renault Megane RenaultSport 2.0T 265

Renault Megane RenaultSport 2.0T 265
Top Speed: 254.2kph
0-100kph: 6.1 s

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