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Car 0-100 kph (km/h) acceleration time Calculator | Estimator

Car 0 to 0-100 kph (km/h) acceleration time Calculator

Add the Horsepower, Weight, Drive Type and/or the Transmission to find out the estimated 0-100 kph (kmh) time and quarter mile times.

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Quarter Mile
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Calculator - Basis for Formula

Our 0-100 kph (km/h) time and speed calculator has used real-life figures from 100s of officially published car statistics to test a complex formula.

The weight section of the calculator automatically adds 150lbs to account for yourself just in case you forget | please adjust accordingly.

0-100 kph Calculator - Accuracy and Variables

Christmas TreeThe results in the 0-100kph acceleration calculator are only statistical estimates. There are scores of factors that can affect quarter mile and 0-100kph times that may affect the results. Anything from air and tyre temperature to less obvious factors such as humidity and fuel mixture. However we have tested the formula over 100s of cars and we think it's a relatively accurate tool.

  • Air Temperature and Humidity
  • Other Environmental Conditions (Rain etc)
  • Tyres
  • Tyre Pressure
  • Gearing
  • Transmission - More modern automatic gearboxes are much faster than older ones.
  • Boost
  • Driver Response Times and Talent
  • Fuel Mixture
  • Weight
  • Weight Distribution
  • Aerodynamics
  • Ground Conditions

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Car Figures:

Jaguar F Type 2.0 Turbo

Jaguar F Type 2.0 Turbo
Engine: Turbo Petrol | 1997cc 16v St4
Top Speed: 155 mph
0-60mph: 5.40 seconds

DeTomaso Mangusta 4.9 V8

DeTomaso Mangusta 4.9 V8
Engine: Naturally Aspirated Petrol | 4942cc 16v V8
Top Speed: 241.4 kph
0-100kph: 6.0 seconds

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