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Top Ten Fastest Hybrid Cars Top Speed and Acceleration 0-60 mph list and figures.

SpeedometerWe have the top 10 fastest Hybrid cars listed below. In order to be truly objective we have included both the fastest Hybrid cars in terms of acceleration 0 to 60 mph and also the fastest production car from a Top Speed perspective. Select a car to find even more specifications, figures and information including bhp, torque, engine capacity and more.

Top Ten Fastest Hybrid Cars 0-60mph - Figures & Specs

0-60 mph time - 2.8 seconds
0-60 mph time - 2.9 seconds
0-60 mph time - 3.0 seconds
0-60 mph time - 5.4 seconds
0-60 mph time - 6.3 seconds
0-60 mph time - 9.8 seconds

Top Ten Fastest Hybrid Cars Top Speed | Figures & Specs

Top Speed - 125 mph
Top Speed - 113 mph

Car Figures:

Jaguar D Type 3.4L

Jaguar D Type 3.4L
Top Speed: 162mph
0-60mph: 4.7 s

Volkswagen-VW Golf 2.0 FSI

Volkswagen-VW Golf 2.0 FSI
Top Speed: 210.8kph
0-100kph: 8.9 s

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