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Top 10 Fastest Production Cars Quarter Mile 1/4 list

Christmas TreeWe have the top 10 fastest accelerating production cars quarter mile 1/4 listed below. The quarter mile 1/4 has long been a benchmark figure particularly in the USA. Lives have been lost in the pursuit of proving a car and driver have what it takes to complete the quarter mile fastest on the black top. As the decades have past the benchmark for production car acceleration has risen or should we say shrunk. The lower the quarter mile time and the faster the trap speed the bigger the respect, ask Vin Diesel. Select a car to find even more specifications including 0-60mph, 0-100kph, bhp, torque, engine capacity and more.

Note: The quarter mile times and trap speed are estimated using our own special formula which utilises several factors including 100s of officially published car statistics to validate its accuracy. The figures are an estimation and there are many other factors at play which affect a quarter mile time. Including tyre choice, air and track temperature, gear ratios, reaction time to name a few.

The calculations assume that a driver weighing 150 lbs is in the hot seat.

See our Quarter Mile 1/4 and Acceleration Calculator for more details - Car Quarter Mile Calculator.

Top 10 Fastest Production Cars Quarter Mile - Figures and Specs

7.98 seconds @ 171.4 mph (275.8 kph)
8.06 seconds @ 169.8 mph (273.3 kph)
8.19 seconds @ 167.1 mph (268.9 kph)
8.27 seconds @ 165.5 mph (266.3 kph)
8.32 seconds @ 164.4 mph (264.6 kph)
8.35 seconds @ 163.9 mph (263.8 kph)
8.39 seconds @ 163.1 mph (262.5 kph)
8.49 seconds @ 161.2 mph (259.4 kph)
8.52 seconds @ 160.6 mph (258.5 kph)
8.61 seconds @ 159.0 mph (255.9 kph)

Car Figures:

BMW 5 Series M5 E39

BMW 5 Series M5 E39
Top Speed: 155mph
0-60mph: 4.9 s

Plymouth Fury 384

Plymouth Fury 384
Top Speed: 189.9kph
0-100kph: 9.9 s

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