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1978 - 1981 Triumph TR8

The English Corvette

The famous wedge shape of the TR7 eventually received the powerplant it was destined for in 1978, albeit several years later than planned. The ubiquitous and reliable Rover V8 appeared instead of the problematic V8 unit which plagued the likes of the Triumph Stag. With the new V8 tucked under the bonnet the aptly named TR8 was often called the "English Corvette" which reflected the fact that the car was sold primarily to the North American market.


Twins to Injection to improve power.

Twin Zenith-Stromberg carburettors were fitted to the early TR8's, these were swiftly replaced in the early 1980's to a Bosch L-jetronic fuel injection system with a specially designed Lucas fuel injection (ECU). The twin carburettor powered wedges reached 133 bhp (99 kW; 135 PS) at around the 5000 rpm mark. Fuel injection improved this further to a respectable 148 bhp and torque at 164 lb/ft, 0–60 mph was reached in about 7.7 seconds.

Improvements on the TR7

The TR8 was improved upon the TR7 in several other areas too including uprated brakes, a revised axle ratio, alloy wheels, and a few changes to the trim. It is estimated that about 2500 and 3000 TR8's were produced, these included the coupe wedge shape and the better looking cabriolet.

The Shape of the future

The distinctive wedge shape penned by Harris Mann was intended to have a targa roof. Sadly as with most of his work at the time this was compromised due to cost-cutting and reputations for the cars he designed were ruined further through poor build quality. Thankfully the TR8 V8 engine restored it's respectability and make this version of the TR7/8 shape the most desirable. The black bumpers on certain versions of the TR8 (USA) completed the destruction of Mann's vision of the future although motorsport variants of the wedge showed how it should look.


Positive  Distinctive wedge looks, Rover V8, Performance, Rarity

Negatives  Ugly rubber bumpers on some models, Awful manufacturer paint choices - Yellow urrgh!, questionable handling.

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