Calculate BHP and kW Per Ton

The power to weight is a better measurement than just purely quoting the bhp or kW of a vehicle. Use the calculators below to convert the numbers. Once you have done this you could compare the power to weight with's bhp per ton or kw per ton lists. BHP Per Ton List

BHP / kW Per Metric Tonne

Calculated as Power \ Weight x 1000

BHP/Kw Weight
Metric Ton

BHP Per UK Tonne

Calculated as Power \ Weight x 2240

BHP Weight
UK Tonne

BHP Per US Tonne

Calculated as Power \ Weight x 2000

BHP Weight
US Tonne

Closest Rivals | Similar Performance

Closest Performance Rivals to the - [Torque Per Ton]

71.5 lb-ft per ton.
73.9 lb-ft per ton.
74.0 lb-ft per ton.
64.3 lb-ft per ton.
57.8 lb-ft per ton.
56.9 lb-ft per ton.
29.4 lb-ft per ton.

0-60 mph times list

0-60 mph times | Random Figures and Specs

0-60 mph time - 7.5 seconds
0-60 mph time - 3.0 seconds
0-60 mph time - 5.7 seconds
0-60 mph time - 12.0 seconds
0-60 mph time - 4.2 seconds

Top Speed List

Top Speed | Random Figures & Specs

Top Speed - 106 mph
Top Speed - 140 mph

Car Comparison

Random Stats

Bentley Arnage 4.4 V8

Bentley Arnage 4.4 V8
Top Speed: 149mph
0-60mph: 6.5 s

BMW X5 4.6is V8

BMW X5 4.6is V8
Top Speed: 239.7kph
0-100kph: 6.6 s